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Supta Veerasana - "Lying Hero"

Supta Veerasana

SuptaVeerasana or lying hero is a more intense sibling of Veerasana pose.


This pose may be out of bounds for some people but is very useful to medium practitioners who find it great fun to do and a greater boon for the back and knees.


SuptaVeerasana rejuvenates the knees, shanks, thighs and ankles. It expands the chest, flattens the stomach and is one of very best poses to be practiced for weight loss and slimness.

People with spine, hip and knee disability will find this pose awkward, yet therapeutic at the same time. Please note that this may not be the case if the disability acts as an impediment to the practice.

This pose helps tremendously in curing sciatica, hernia/slipped disc and scoliosis by adjusting the pelvic area and expelling cold air out of the vertebrae. Though sometimes knee problems are associated with spinal disorders, people who experience too much pain in the knees will find it better to add a blanket/pillow behind the knees and then bend backwards or skip this pose completely.


Besides adjusting the spine and pelvis, SuptaVeerasana applies strong pressure on the internal organs as well. It definitely benefits the intestinal tract, stomach, liver, kidneys, urinary bladder, prostate and colon. It is a pose frequently used to cure sexual debilitation.

Chest expansion occurs and shoulders become more mobile and less strenuous. Immobile shoulders are generally connected with spinal disorders.


When in the pose, Prana, Samana, Vyana and Uddana airs increase in their velocity. Shortly after closing the pose, Apana air becomes active and helps in expelling toxic waste.


SuptaVeerasana gives peace to the mind and a universal sense to the Atman - a physician to the earthbound spirit and the body in pain.


For better effect, practice under the guidance of a competent teacher.


Om Tat Sat



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