Posted on February 01, 2021 by yogaandrini

If we take Darwin’s side, it would be: adapt or die, and humans have a great ability to adapt, even in the extreme conditions. They can make a volt-change adaptation and secure their survival with the tenacity of a cockroach.

In the first few months of pandemics, I haven’t done anything that will make me teach online. I have my online yoga course of Slimmer in 60 days already on for all the members to see and utilize it. Hence, I rejoiced at not needing to be up early mornings readying for the class. But then, a few months later, the requests started to pile in and I was at the square one – up in the early mornings, teaching via 27” monitor. And I continue doing it till today.

What does this tell us? 

It tells us that people are ready to utilize different ways and tools (technologies) to move further and put life back into normal. The security is the priority to all the species and humans are no different, but once the safety is relatively secured, the next step is “getting life back to normal”. ~Equally, first two months I hardly had any online sales, but then came a “back-to-normal” flood of sales.  Freedom does not exist. A “free” human being is perpetually dissatisfied craving the yokes of routine and predictability that make life easier. Therefore, our freedom lies in the utilization of routine to our advantage.

The yoga and other fitness classes do fall into the category of routine – something that needs to be done on a regular basis and we enjoy doing it, and derive great physical and mental benefits along the way. A personal touch is an indispensable part of such disciplines. It is a curative process and very essence of life. But are the online classes so soulless? Not really. Actually, not at all, to be realistic. They do lack a physical touch, but they aren’t devoid of emotional support and person-to-person interaction. Sure, nothing beats a physical presence, but in times of pandemic that is deadly. On the other hand, the online classes keep us together, nourish our friendship from the safety of our habitats. Most of my students who opted for the online classes have found a new lease of life through the regularity of the practice. It has benefited them more than irregular self-practice or waiting for me to show up in their town.

People will adapt because knowing well that an opportunity missed might not be recovered ever or with much less success.

The online classes are an amazing boost to the routine in the comfort of your home. No need to travel anymore and after the sessions – hop! and you are back to your other tasks. 

I perfectly well understand that physical touch is an essential human interaction and an online thingy just can’t replace it.  But then, we are living in testing times and at such times it doesn’t seem realistic to gamble with our health no matter how big the cravings are. It is a well-known fact that people who can control their cravings and postpone enjoyment are the winners in the long-term. After all, the whole yoga system teaches the postponement of breath, action and thought. Even the Bible says” “the meek shall inherit the earth”. We must keep in mind the wisdom from the yore.

And the times are getting stranger. We are experiencing a mutation of the virus and other ones are on its way. There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with our relationship with nature. We will have to content will less: less tourism, less exotic diets and less physical day-to-day interaction with the people from every nook and corner of the planet.   But then, it is nothing different what the humans have experienced millennium after the millennium because physical interactions always bring a physical outcome. The reality is that in the next 5-6-7 years we will experience substantially lesser physical interactions because we will travel less. And it isn’t only because of health concerns (though they will take a prime spot), but also because of all the geopolitical tension, trade wars and collapse of globalism in general. We need a break from ourselves. Probably the world will be back to normal by 2030, with our lives looking very different.

But we will adapt to all the changes and thrive nonetheless. Always. Even more, we will welcome them as a remedy. We will keep the spirit of interaction alive through the myriad of technologies available to us and more. The new technologies will enable a real-time touch through a medium of the scan, hologram, lidar and 5G. May be available only at 6G, but nonetheless. The holy grail (and money) is in technology that will provide a personal touch despite the distance.

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