Posted on June 26, 2021 by yogaandrini

Like all viruses, this one, COVID-19, wasn’t any different–except for its velocity and the macabre devastation and suffering it unleashed in its aftermath.


A tiny virus, hardly a living thing, has caused mayhem the world over. And this isn’t the first time in the history of humanity, entire civilizations have been wiped-out by pandemics down the ages.


Spiritualists have a mouthful to say about (and some even mindful) of the underlying unity that connects us, cutting across the race, class, nationality, beliefs, and the like. But when it comes to daily life, we encounter impediments stacked on top of each other creating a dam against the natural flow of our Being–to connect with other beings–as One.

The viruses show the unity in the true sense. They connect us all. They come to us mindless of our status and self-perceived worthiness and invincibility. They come to us from the high or low sources of life, even more fascinating, they treat us all equally. They reveal to us that true wealth is health. And they make us ONE – all ill – but ONE. Extreme solipsism that is permeating the discourse in this pandemic, with claims that one’s own health is one’s business only, is irresponsible, to put it mildly. Everybody’s health is our business and our behaviour should conform to the higher good sense of being that is encapsulated best in the greater balance of things. When one thing gets out of order, it strains the concomitant sum of all the things, and the strife sets in.


Herein lies the truth if our spiritual insight is profound enough:  there are so many things that connect us, besides the viruses – the multitude of energies, mental, emotional, intellectual, and finally that of the higher-order within and around us. Let’s call it the Higher Self–you who is invested through an exchange of life with every other living on a non-living thing. Fear, love, and aspirations are present in all beings, and one who understands that in the real sense of life–in an experiential sense–understands that his or her love, fear, and aspirations are no more important than someone else’s. Overriding the importance of someone else’s way of life is a kind of transgression, encroachment, and that goes both ways. The only sensible behaviour is constant awareness not to transgress or encroach and keeping oneself with limits. However, this awareness might be challenging to an ordinary human mind, as the perception of keeping ourselves perpetually boxed-in is in no way palatable. It even feels outright wrong. After all, we are born to be free, aren’t we? But when we considering our imminent mortality, this sense of freedom is utterly misplaced. The reality of perception takes place in the consciousness. The higher the sense of unity, the easier it is for the consciousness to exhibits the boxing in of the self and experience real freedomThe freedom that there is nowhere else to go but in. Therefore, monks, nuns, and renunciates are constantly boxing themselves in to open the other frequency–the frequency of limitless expansion. Someone with a lower sense of unity experiences more claustrophobic and dictatorial pressure upon his or her life, with such boxing in. On the other hand, someone who delights in the sense of being one with the world tends to experience release from chains of claustrophobia and any artificial obstacles more so–by being mindful of his/her bodily limitations and mindful of the limitless state of original consciousness. The unity of consciousness and its sense of Being One comes with contemplation, meditation, and renunciation. The less you move, the freer you are. The less you are around, the more you are everywhere. And the less you know, the more you understand! Of course, it is a paradox. But this world has its roots in the sky and branches in the ground. If you want to conquer nature, the most sensible thing to do is to follow its ways: when the night comes, you sleep; when the sun rises, you awaken. The sense of Being One comes when we reach the harmonious state of the Greater Organism. And it is never achieved with revolution. Neither is it achieved with evolution. Rather, by an intimate process of involution. The process is that of inversion, and inversion is the path of meditation. It comes when you understand that you are not important. Not important at all in the larger scheme of Creation.


The universal properties are understood when our body, mind, and intellect of ours are cast aside as the prime modus operandi, and the sense of submission sets in – the sense that conveys the helplessness of our being here, in this world. That state is the state of utter surrender. Herewith no sense of attainment–and even less, entitlement–is valid. Surrender is the state of a kitten in the mouth of its mama–utterly dependent and unresponsive. While a baby monkey clings (attainment, striving) to its mother, the kitten is helpless. The latter is superior.


Therefore, in times of pandemics, there is nowhere to go but in, at home.

Let the verses from the profound Isha Upanishad be your spiritual support:


He who sees all beings in the Self and the Self in all beings, he never turns away from the Self. 

He who perceives all beings as the Self' for him how can there be delusion or grief, when he sees this oneness everywhere?

(Isha Upanishad 6, 7)



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