My Interview with Yogi Franz Andrini by Gina Macaluso (YoginiDeals.com)

My Interview with Yogi Franz Andrini by Gina Macaluso (YoginiDeals.com)

Posted on December 15, 2014 by yogaandrini

Franz Andrini, online yogi weight loss guide, has been practicing yoga since the age of 17.  He guides his clients through a wellness approach that helps people lose weight, shape their bodies and cure illnesses. Iconic “Slimmer in 60 Days” program is probably the first world wide comprehensive treatment of Obesity and powerful detoxification through a traditional yogic approach. Franz also teaches Yogarahasya (The Secrets of Yoga), the teaching that focuses on deeper levels of yogic practices through advanced asanas and various meditational techniques.

Recently, Franz gave me the opportunity to explore his vast amount of knowledge about yoga, weight loss, health and the yogi lifestyle! Below he shares his own journey to yoga, dramatic transformations of his clients and what being a yogi means to him. 

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Interview with Franz Andrini, Online Weight Loss Yogi by Gina Macaluso, Founder of YoginiDeals.com

You’ve been instructing others for some time now on the practice of yoga, what are the most common issues or problems your clients turn to yoga to relieve or heal?Franz: “I have always been, since day one of my teaching, bombarded with questions regarding improvement of health, most notably related to weight and illnesses it causes. Weight problems with all kind of gastric malfunctions, migraine, hypothyroid and diabetes constitute about 80% of the queries. It was but natural to focus on the therapy aspect of yoga first.”

What first led you to yoga?

Franz: “It was a thirst to know myself, the meaning of existence and my purpose of being here, in this world. From there, the array of events occurred and I was finally led to my guru – Yogavisharada Sri BNS Iyengar.”


You have a signature system that you teach – Slimmer in 60 Days (Coming soon to YoginiDeals.com!). What is the most dramatic transformation you have seen through this program?Franz: “I have carefully recorded all that my master has taught me and started experimenting with it. Over the years I have treated all kind of diseases, even cooking Ayurvedic herbs into a medicine. It was easy then, living in India.

In 2007, a friend, after seeing my teaching, suggested to develop a yoga for weight loss course and an Online “Slimmer in 60 Days” program was born. The same friend was so enthused about it that he offered to sponsor the development of it.

I have seen dramatic, but for my perception nonetheless expected, developments. Besides really obese people losing a great amount of weight, I have also seen a comprehensive detoxification of internal organs and with it a disappearance of long-term illnesses, which was the aim from the start.

The good thing is that none of the really obese people have returned to the earlier weight, even if they have given up the practice. The course just changes your life! And the mind is not the same anymore either. And the good thing is that most of the people come back to the practice of yoga.

The program is structured on balancing the pranas (life airs), igniting the metabolic fire and cleansing of colon and liver. I give in-depth teaching in my workshops and classes and keep updating Yogapedia (Slimmer in 60 days is a part of it), where all issues are discussed.”

What’s the most common misconception people have about yoga?Franz: “Yoga has traveled far and wide on this planet and with its popularity the perceptions changed, too. 10 or even 15 years back, yoga was still pretty much a spiritual exercise, with health benefits, in the eyes of the world. Nowadays the spiritual and detoxifying methods of yoga have taken a back seat and physically more pronounced exercises have come to the fore.

The biggest misconception about yoga today is the asana practice. At many times it does not consider aimed purification of internal organs anymore, which is the key to health. But then, yoga is extremely popular and that is what matters most.”

What’s the most common mistake people make with yoga?Franz: “Trying things randomly.”

Is yoga really for everyone?Franz: “I would say yes, pretty much for everyone, but then again, it depends what do you mean by yoga. Yoga as a divine discipline is a natural companion to the spirit we carry. Also, starting some of yoga therapy is highly beneficial for most people.”

What is your advice for someone who is curious about starting yoga or just beginning?Franz: “Check our “Slimmer in 60 Days” course! It will give you solid understanding of yoga and a great detoxification!”

What does being a yogini mean to you?Franz: “A yogini (a female yogi), or a yogi (a male) is someone always in touch with that great space inside the heart. When the body has become detoxed physically, mentally and spiritually with the practice of yoga, the inner peace is visible on our faces and the lightness of being is the norm.”

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Gina Macaluso, Founder of YoginiDeals.com

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