Ilknur Unal

I started learning yoga from Franz with a completely different body, most notably, with a pain in my knee. Some doctors wanted to operate the meniscus,  other were diagnosing me with fibromyalgia. I had a swelling on my left knee which you could see from outside of my trousers.

My pilates teachers were more afraid about my knee than I was, which lessened my bodily confidence. I needed something different, like confidence and encouragement. I needed someone who not only knows anatomy but also knows about the flow of energy and how it benefits the body.

I needed all these but couldn't verbalize it this way back then. I had a friend who was a student of Franz but although I express my wish to meet Franz, for some reason she didn’t take the action. I believe, it wasn’t the right time. Eventually, on April 4, 2016, she took me to Franz for my first lesson. Up until that time, I thought I did some yoga, but when I started with Franz, I immediately realized that the things I did before were different.

He said: "you're not in a bad shape; you just neglected your body. We will work and you will be in a much better condition". That was the first encouragement I got from him. I also had this amazing opening feeling that I didn’t experience in pilates or other yoga classes till then. I just could’t experience the resting state in my body; it either collapsed to rest, which didn’t make me fully experience it; or it was in sympathetic mode where my body was always in a running state. It took me only a few classes to realize that I must continue. I dedicated myself to yoga practise and I got more than I invested. It all came with big interest. My knee, well, I did even forget about it as if it wasn't me who was given fibromyalgia medication and which I never used.  Franz made me feel very confident about my body through his integral knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and anatomy. I am now connected to my body which is essential to well-being.

Today, I am so grateful to God that I met Franz and that I have the dedication to do the practise. I am very comfortable in my body and I love my body.

Thank you Franz.

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