Anja Furlan

All of my life I have lived with back pain despite the fact that I practiced yoga and did many other physical activities. In 2010, I was diagnosed with severe pre-cancerous changes - it was time to change my life! I embarked on a strict diet and started doing even more intense physical activities but the back pain persisted.

In 2011, I learned about Franz's program, Slimmer in 60 Days, which provides cleansing of the body (and mind) and assists in relieving pains. This program by Franz Andrini perfected what I was already doing for my own health. The back pain disappeared almost completely and life, therefore, became much more enjoyable. My spirit is strong and I feel healthier and more vital than ever. And last, but certainly not the least, the pre-cancerous changes have gone and I am healed!
The program is very easy to use. It is easy to follow and you cannot make many mistakes, which happens so quickly with other yoga videos. In addition, the program also allows for progression in the yoga postures, which I find absolutely fantastic.
I have been doing Shiatsu therapy for many years so I have a lot of experience with bodywork and I soon feel which exercise does me good and which does not. I can say with certainty that this program developed by Franz Andrini is very carefully planned and extremely useful. I would recommend it to anyone. 
As a therapist who has spent many years learning from world-renowned Shiatsu masters, I greatly appreciate Franz's deep knowledge of yoga. Franz shares this knowledge in an interesting way, allowing for a clearer understanding of the benefits of yoga.

Anja Furlan studied at the European Shiatsu Institute (ESI) in Munich, Germany, and holds a degree of Shiatsu Therapist.

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