Yoga with Franz changed my Life

Isabelle le Pousard

I happened to come to Franz's classes because my Indian friends kept telling me that it would be a special experience.

As a yoga teacher and also because I am a very curious person, always keen to learn, I started attending his classes.

This is my second course with him and I must say that I really enjoy the whole experience.
I have been practicing yoga consistently for the last 11 years and he gave me the opportunity to go deeper in my practice.
What I really like about it:
His original system is based upon a deep knowledge of prana and asanas, which gives a real new experience even with asanas that you have been practicing for long.
The adjustments until you get it right; Franz won't let you go until you do it the right way!
The different steps of the practice; you move further only if you are ready.

The lectures on how and why the sequence is organized in a specific order that you must respect, to enjoy deep effect.

In every session, even if you are a beginner, you go one-stepfurther if you can take it and he will guide you towards progress.

I really appreciate the strict approach of technique while entering, holding and releasing asanas.

After the class,you feel physically and mentally cleansed, refreshed and eager for the next session.

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