Ebru Sarioz

I am a 45 years old woman and I started learning yoga from Franz a month ago, in May, 2017. We do his yoga therapy twice weekly and as instructed by him I practice his signature Pranayamas (breathings) everyday. I feel more energized and I can see the positive effects in my body, although I only started this program just a month ago. In that short period of time, although I have a slim body, which Franz calls a Vata (airy) type, as per Ayurveda, I shed my excess weight and the fat around my waist and belly. However, that wasn’t my main goal. My main need was to detoxify and apply therapy.

I feel like I met Franz and his therapeutic yoga teaching at the very right time in my life, mostly because I was diagnosed with a stage 4 of colon cancer, which spread unto my liver in October 2015. Although, it came as a huge shock, I consider myself very lucky. The discovery of it was on a routine check–up. I wasn’t feeling sick or anything, on the contrary, I was feeling as healthy as horse. There was a huge tumour in my transverse colon, which was blocking almost all my digestive system. It started passing its non-dying cells to the liver. A month after successful surgery, where they removed considerable part of my colon and liver, chemotherapy sessions became my new “normal”. I thank my doctor for his timely intervention.

After six months of chemotherapy they made it clear that I need to start detoxification of the body from the effects of chemotherapy and all the drugs that affected me. I accepted a plant- based diet only, which helped me greatly in recovery.

However, there was still an important ingredient missing to really recover myself… and I believe I found it.

I’ve heard of Franz and his yogic therapy for the first time from my yoga teacher. The things he said on our first meeting made sense to me and I believed him more when started observing the effects of the practice he made me do, i.e increase of digestive capacity, detoxification and increased overall wellbeing.

As per his advice, I am practicing his trademark breathing exercises everyday. The first thing I noticed was increased perspiration on a daily basis. I am not a person who’ll perspire even on a hot summer day! Curiously I asked him about it and his reply was that this is reaction of the liver’s greater capacity to rid itself of toxins, and induce the healing. And that was what I was looking for!

Lastly, I want to share my recent incredible experience…

The doctors see me as a risky patient and want me to do regular check-ups, every three months. In these check-ups they use a contrast dye, injected into the body to scan it better, but its very toxic itself. It takes several days for the body to get rid of it and I have to drink a lot of fluids in the process. This time, after returning home from the check-up, I applied the breathings taught by Franz. The very night I woke up drenched in a pool of sweat, which is unheard of me! I changed the clothes and felt rejuvenated, and clean.

I am still amazed how such simple breathing techniques can be so effective!

I was getting better with each test, thanks to my healthy lifestyle, but since I started doing Pranayama and yoga with Franz, the last test showed huge improvements in all respects. I call this a quantum leap. The improvements are in my blood and huge improvements in the liver’s enzymes, which, after a long time, decreased to normal levels; and in the toxic load, which came now close to normal after a really long time; and generally, the practice makes me feel stronger by the day.

I am happy to have a powerful tool to heal myself. I don’t feel helpless anymore.

I can’t thank you enough Franz! God bless you!



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