Begum Gozuyesil

Thanks to my great teacher Franz Andrini, I started regular yoga practice including his signature Pranayamas (breathing exercises) and realized my body’s ability to heal itself. I just finished my 15th day of the programme and feel great in advance. I will keep going through lotus membership on his instructive and fruitfull web site Yoga Andrini.com

I love this unique programme because it’s possible for everyone to start! Size or fitness level do not matter, when you practice with Franz, your first focus will be on lighting the digestive fire and expelling toxins. 
It is a great way to get in tune with your body and your inner self!

  • Subramanian Ganga
  • Ilknur Unal
  • Bipin Chandra
  • Miroslava Zheleva Slavova
  • Isil Korkmaz
  • Aditi Mehta
  • Begum Gozuyesil
  • Ebru Sarioz
  • Isabelle le Pousard
  • Anja Furlan
  • Aycan Askim Saroglu
  • Figen Yilmaz
  • Tibor Kerekes
  • Turkan Uygun
  • Rodney Wiltshire
  • Vikram Narayan
  • Natasa Petavs
  • Anish Sood
  • Anjali Chawla


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