Aditi Mehta

I attended Franz's workshop earlier this year. Although I have been a practitioner of yoga for many years, under many different and well qualified gurus, Franz' workshop was markedly different. First of all, his regime is extremely systematic. He builds up body strength and resistance so that the body is able to absorb the physical and yogic intelligence that is to be imparted.

In conjunction with the breathing exercises , the set of asanas in the kriyas offer a fairly complete and consistent regime to overall well being. I remember my body being in a sense of wellness and well being when I was doing the asanas consistently. I hope I will be more regular in the future to achieve better results.

I also commend his videos (Slimmer in 60 Days), which serve as a guide to the whole exercise regimen, specially useful after a gap or whenever my discipline is interrupted due to travel, etc...

Many thanks Franz.

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