I am a long time practitioner...

...and a yoga teacher.

Miroslava Zheleva Slavova

As long time yoga practitioner and a yoga teacher I am very well aware of the value of true knowledge.

Since my commitment to yoga, many years back, I am committed to collection of all yogic knowledge, too.

I believe that yoga must be learned from a teacher who belongs to its tradition. He will be able to remove the ignorance and lead you from untruth to the truth.

I practice and teach Ashtanga vinyasa style, but I knew it was a time to venture deeper into therapeutic aspects of yoga and Ayurveda, so I decided to take a trip from my native Bulgaria and visit Franz in Istanbul with the only aim of learning from him detoxification through yoga and yoga therapy. I knew that his teaching and knowledge will result in a new understanding and perception of my body, mind & soul. And he did it! Now I understand the intimate functioning of the body and beyond.

The ignorance is rooted in not knowing who we are and only by “knowing” we can remove it. On the personal and professional level, I am always striving to improve myself. My asana practice is regular and strong as my style is Ashtanga vinyasa – a very strict, dynamic and powerful version of Hatha Yoga. I have also realized that I have to slow down, become softer and sweeter. I also have to calm, as my body needs no strain.

I have found the pranayama and asana system for purification of the body, that I’ve learned from Franz, very useful and complete. I realized the inner workings of it. With it my body and mind were brought to a higher level of intelligence. I’ve learned to “slow down and breath”. Sometimes these two words can save life…

I learned a lot from Franz and I’ll improve on this knowledge with the Lotus Membership in his web site, through the courses, articles and a forum in it. The way he teaches is in total resonance with me, with my way of retaining and processing information. I am very grateful to him. It was a pleasure and an honor to receive his teachings directly by attending his course of Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga therapy).

The true knowledge flows from the teacher to disciple… and so was always.


Miroslava Zheleva Slavova



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