Bipin Chandra

Slimming in 60 is surely the best way to start one's yoga journey. It is best for the already practicing yogis and for the masters of yoga.
It is a beautiful mix of asanas and pranayama, culminated in meticulously articulated sequences. By following the program the weight is lost; fat-loss happens around the waist and the butt. The program helps one to gain mastery over the posture due to the repetition of postures and gradually adding newer ones to the sequence.
I love the pranayamas, though they are very simple, they are very effective. They move the pranas to their natural path.

Thank you master Franz Andrini for the whole package that you offer through the application, with some amazing authentic knowledge on prana vidya, mantra vidya, surya namaskar and the  Kitchen of Yoga articles. My deepest respects and gratitude to your noble work on yoga.



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