Turkan Uygun

A miracle happened in my life...

I think weight issues are humanitys problem. I have experienced from time to time being overweight. Especially if you are a woman, heading towards your middle ages and your weight has gone over its boundaries, it really is not a nice situation. For, weight becomes something that demoralizes a person both physically and emotionally. I have had to face weight issues at certain times in my life. Some emotional and psychological problems I have encountered left me with this problem. Of course, my unhealthy eating habits, immobile life style and the hormonal imbalances you experience after a certain age all had a part in my putting on weight. 

The sum of it all was driving me towards obesity. I have tried various different things to take care of the problem. 
I have tried acupuncture, some pills. Yet all my efforts had the yoyo effect and I started being heavier than before. When I met Franz, I was already thinking of how I could resolve this issue. I was thinking about doing yoga, I was researching it. Because yoga said, nothing could be resolved on a physical dimension alone. There was also a philosophical side to it. Thinking yoga would feed me spiritually too. I applied to Hariom Yoga Center. Then I met Franz Andrini. I took on a new path after I met him. During this phase, I was attending his program on certain days of the week. At home, I tried to do the breathing exercises he gave. I think in order to stay healthy and to reach the target goal you need to make an effort to chew each bite. Therefore, this is not a program I would say is very easy, but I cannot also say it is difficult. For once, you start getting results, you can overcome the difficulties. Franz's yoga style was not like anything I had experienced before. Franz's yoga was not focusing on breathing techniques and asanas alone. Previously I had tried a different school of yoga; I was doing movement yoga called hatha yoga.  Yet while exercising the style Franz teaches you, at first, you think it is pushing you a bit but then     there is an unbelievable relaxation and comfort in your body. It is a magnificent system. 

I believe that people that are determined can succeed in Franz's program. I have lost weight with Franz's program and I can say that the most basic thing I have learned is to try doing what is asked. I am trying to maintain the 25 kilos I lost, I do have ups and downs every once in a while. What sets this program apart from others is that it covers the deep dimensions and the whole of the issue. Not that I sometimes lose my self confidence regarding weight, but I know that when you pay attention to certain things, that is when you continue practicing yoga I think the metabolism gains balance and your self confidence increases. Thank you so much Franz for all your efforts. In addition, thank you so much yoga for creating this miracle.  

Turkan Uygun is a Housewife

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