About Franz

About Franz

Franz has been practicing yoga and other spiritual essentials since the age of 17. He took to meditation and subsequently ended up in an ashram in Germany at the age of 20 and eventually at a Gurukul (traditional yoga school) in India where he learnt yoga, mantras, pujas, yagnas, Sanskrit, Ayurveda and Vedic philosophy under the watchful eyes of various Gurus. He spent 7 years in monastic life. Soon after, he met Yogavisharada Sri B.N.S. Iyengar - a yoga master in Mysore where he devoted his time for a deeper understanding of yoga. Despite many masters, Mr. Iyengar was the most pivotal of them all.

Franz lived for 10 years in India before he started teaching around the world.

Teaching yoga has become his major focus and he aims to help people with practical yoga seminars and courses to develop their health and self-understanding.

His teachings are of two kinds. The first one is more of a wellness approach (Yoga Andrini Detox - Yoga Therapy approach for Weight-loss, Detoxification and Curing of Ailments)) that helps people primarily lose weight, shape their bodies and live a healthy life. It is probably the first worldwide comprehensive treatment of obesity and detoxification through the traditional yogic approach. The second is Yogarahasya (The Secrets of Yoga), the teaching that focuses on deeper levels of yogic practices through advance asanas and various meditational techniques. Franz is the author of Yogapedia - The Yoga Encyclopaedia Online, a work meant to preserve original yogic teachings and disseminate it to the public.

He also has a keen interest in wildlife and nature preservation.

Franz was born in Slovenia in 1972.

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