How Will YOGA & AYURVEDA Reduce Your Belly Fat?
How Will YOGA & AYURVEDA Reduce Your Belly Fat?

Posted on October 31, 2018 by yogaandrini

Gastro-intestinal health and weigh-loss are the most outstanding issues pestering people in their late 40’s and onwards. For many, it is more or less a matter of good and attractive appearance, but hiding ourselves behind fleeting beauty is to miss the crux of the problem. The impact of the belly fat isn’t only external, mostly on our apparel and self-perception, but its deeply internal, too.

Now, let us see whe Read more »

WHY INTESTINES ARE OUR BRAIN? - Yogic & Ayurvedic View
WHY INTESTINES ARE OUR BRAIN? - Yogic & Ayurvedic View

Posted on October 30, 2017 by yogaandrini

Our wellbeing is the product of food. Good and agreeable food is the key to happiness and our optimal functioning. The food is the fuel and our digestive tract is the advance mechanism that nourishes our body and mind. Sluggish absorption or non-absorption (indigestion) of nutrients from the food will automatically create dissatisfaction in mind and unease in the body. More than that, the prolonged undernourishment w Read more »

The Moral Codes of Hatha Yoga
The Moral Codes of Hatha Yoga

Posted on March 18, 2016 by yogaandrini

Prayatna-adyatamaanastu yogi




BhagavadGita 6.45 

"Thus, by constantly trying and controlling his mind, the yogi completely purged of all evil impulses in him and made perfect through many births finally attains the Supreme goa Read more »

The Inconceivable Self
The Inconceivable Self

Posted on August 31, 2015 by yogaandrini

We will all perish. That is given.

The body will fail, the mind disappear…

But what will remain?

That is inconceivable.


There is no time. There is only eternity.

Eternity has no time, no image, yet all the images are in it.

Neither dual nor singular, eternity is inconceivable.


Eternity stays when all is gone.

Etern Read more »

DHRUVA, the Yogi
DHRUVA, the Yogi

Posted on April 22, 2015 by yogaandrini

Manu, the considered forefather of humankind, had two sons; one of them was the great king Uttanapada, who ruled in ancient India. Happily married with two wives, Suniti and Suruchi, each of whom bore him a son, he led a content life. However, Uttanapada loved Suruchi and her son Uttama more then Suniti and her son Dhruva. Suruchi too, disliked Suniti's son, Dhruva, and would from time to time create disharmony within this ideal Read more »

THE NATURE OF REALITY:      Ishwara-Brahman-Atman-Paramatman
THE NATURE OF REALITY: Ishwara-Brahman-Atman-Paramatman

Posted on January 09, 2015 by yogaandrini

Anyone can be God. Even you can be God. All is consciousness, even things that appear not, actually are, for they come from consciousness and are moved by consciousness. What is consciousness? Consciousness is You, the Self. It is unlimited because the conscious world is unlimited, unlimited and eternal. It belongs to the eternal flow of an all-pervading reality that will exist when all is gone. It is the abode, a Read more »

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